Maxwell "Max" Waltens
District Six
Seventeen Years
Intelligent, strong, manipulative
No weapon knowledge, loud (easy to track down), can't swim
Scared of rats
Likes to use crossbow
FC: Lasse Pedersen


  • Max has ginger hair, whereas his sister has auburn hair. It's usually mess but sometimes he combs it to be spikey.
  • His eyes blue, the same shade as a violet (as in the flower).
  • Max's skin is quite pale.
  • He has no acne, and his skin is quite clear.
  • Quite muscular.


Despite being from Six, Max is quite evil-like. He's the exact opposite of his younger sister, Erin. Erin is sweet, easily manipulated and isn't the smartest person you'll ever meet, whereas Max is sour, manipulative and is very smart. The most noticeable difference is their hobbies.

Max loves to hurt people, and Erin likes to heal people. Strange, isn't it?